I ♥ Small Charities Day

Small Charity Week 2016 will launch with I ♥ Small Charities Day on 13th June. This is a day to raise awareness of the work of all small charities across the UK. Getting involved is easy and your small charity has the chance to win up to £450!

We are running three competitions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help raise the profile of small charities with cash prizes for the winners.


  • #ILoveSmallCharities Twitter competition – winning small charity gets a £150 donation
  • #ILoveSmallCharities Facebook competition – winning small charity gets a £150 donation
  • #ILoveSmallCharities Instagram competition – winning small charity gets a £150 donation

How to enter:
Take a photo of yourself holding up a poster that reads:

“I love (your charities name) because (why you love them)”.

Then simply post it to either Twitter, Instagram or the Small Charity Week Facebook page, depending which competition you wish to participate in. Make sure you include the #ILoveSmallCharities hashtag when you post your photograph so we can track your entry.

For the message you hold up in your photo we’ve provided a printable poster template for you to download here, but you are welcome to make your own. You can have a read of the full competition rules here.

I ♥ Small Charities Day is also a great opportunity to engage current and new supporters and to raise your profile to the broadest audience possible. Start preparing your activity now and let your supporters know what you are planning through your communications. We have provided supporting materials for you to promote the competition to potential supporters which you can download here.

To be kept up to date with all Small Charity Week news make sure you are signed up to the Small Charity Week mailing list by emailing us info@smallcharityweek.com and follow @SCWeek2016 on Twitter.

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