Policy Day

Small charities are the centre of Civil Society. In the UK 97% of charities have an annual turnover of less than £1.5 million but in terms of impact on local communities here and across the globe their contribution is phenomenal. It is important therefore that the voices of small charities are heard above the noise created by larger and better resourced charities.

To mark Policy Day 2017, events will be held both in London and around the country:

1. Small Charity Week Policy Reception
2. Small Charities International Development Debate
3. Local Events

1.Small Charity Week Policy Reception
A policy reception will be held on June 21st in Westminster. It will be an opportunity for small charities to meet policymakers, MP’s, officials and other small charities to talk about key small charity sector issues.

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2.Small Charities International Development Debate
The event will take place on 21st  June and is an opportunity to bring together  MPs, academics, small charities and those working in international development to discuss the key issues affecting them.

Further details to be launched soon

3.Local Events
Policy Day will offer small charities across the UK the chance to meet and engage with policy makers, commissioners and influencers to discuss the issues affecting them in their local areas.

More information to follow soon

Small Charity Week is supported byPFG HI REZ-01

Provident’s primary social benefit is making financial products and services available in a responsible manner to those who are not well served by mainstream providers. Alongside this, we help the communities in which our customers live and work.

Through our Good Neighbour community investment programme we support projects tailored to meet the needs of our communities, through direct financial support, encouraging our people to volunteer and through employee matched fundraising.

Our approach enables us to support a range of grass roots community organisations across the UK and Ireland. So we’re delighted to be sponsoring this year’s Small Charities Week in partnership with the FSI.

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