Small Charity Big Impact Day

Small charities and community groups around the country carry out vital work but in many cases people are not aware of their impact.

Through the FSI Small Charity Big Impact Awards, small charities and community groups can highlight their work and the impact they make on a local, national and international level.

“We have been using the Award to engage corporate relationships with potential partners. The award and the significance it carries, acts as an ambassador of our work’s impact to our projects’ participants. We have been using the award in communications (eg: e:create; Create’s annual Impact Report) and in conversations about the charity’s work to funding partners, potential funding partners and community partners.” Elias Papasideris, Create

“The video was a fantastic part of the prize because it helped us articulate what we do in a clear and engaging way. This likely helped us receive more donations and we use the video and presentations on a regular basis. As a newer charity, the award also helped confirm our legitimacy.” Elizabeth Rowley, T1International

To celebrate the FSI’s support of the small charity sector, the FSI Small Charity Big Impact Awards was launched last year. This year, the awards will celebrate the impact of five small charities and community organisations in the following categories:

  • Charity with an annual income under £50,000
  • Charity with an annual income between £50,001 – £150,000
  • Charity with an annual income between £150,001 – £250,000
  • Charity with an annual income between £250,001 – £500,000
  • Charity with an annual income between £500,001 – £1.5 million

Why you should enter the FSI’s Small Charity Big Impact Awards

Each winner will receive:

  • A film of each organisation provided by the FSI highlighting their work and impact
  • One day’s Impact Audit carried out by the FSI, which has a value of £650 and will support charities to identify areas where they are performing well, and areas to focus on to improve impact planning, measurement, evaluation and management.
  • Two development sessions for the charity’s CEO which will include marketing with Gerry Griffin and leadership.
  • Recognition for the charity’s valuable work and impact made to current and new supporters.

Hear from last year’s winners on why they think you should enter the awards.

Criteria and Rules

Only charities and community organisations with a turnover under £1.5 million can enter. You must also have a charity or HRMRC exemption number. Alternatively, you must be able to demonstrate that you are:

  • recognised by/registered by a governing body for example you hold a Community Amateur Sports Club registration number (CASC) issued by HMRC or
  • Have in place a small charity constitution, governing documents and equivalent board of trustees.

For the full Awards criteria and rules, click here.

How to Enter

Simply fill out this short application form and send us a high resolution photo. Entries must be submitted by Friday 23rd March 2018.

Winners will be charities who:

  • Have delivered a high impact through their services and programmes in the past 24 months
  • Show us there is a planning process around impact
  • Demonstrate their impact internally and externally

Click here to enter the awards

Judging Panel

The judging panel will include:

  • Pauline Broomhead, CEO of the FSI
  • Ben Carpenter, Operations Manager, Social Value UK
  • Noorzaman Rashid, Managing Director for Strategies for Change
  • Geoff Russell-Jones, Grants Manager at The Leathersellers’ Company
  • Annette Saunders, Corporate Responsibility Manager of Vanquis Bank

Dates for your Diary

  • 23rd March: Entries close
  • 18th April – 1st June: Filming of winning charities to take place.
  • 22nd June: Winners to be announced
  • September: Awards Ceremony in central London, bursaries will be provided for charities outside of London to travel to attend the event.

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The Small Charity Big Impact Awards are supported by The Leathersellers’ Company

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