I ♥ Small Charities Day

Monday 17th June

Small Charity Week 2019 will kick off with I ♥ Small Charities Day on 17th June. This is a day to raise awareness of the work of all small charities across the UK. Getting involved is easy and your small charity has the chance to win up to £450!

I ♥ Small Charities Day Social Media Competitions

We are running three competitions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to help raise the profile of small charities with cash prizes for the winners.

Full details of the contest to be launched soon. 

To be kept up to date with all Small Charity Week news make sure you are signed up to the Small Charity Week mailing list by emailing us info@smallcharityweek.com and follow @SCWeek2019 on Twitter.

I Love Small Charities Day is supported by Ansvar

With over 50
year’s experience, Ansvar is now one of the leading charity insurers in the UK. As a specialist ethical insurer we are committed to serving the not-for-profit sector. We do this by providing optimal support to our panel of insurance intermediaries, with a range of tailored insurance solutions meeting the needs of individuals and organisations in the not-for-profit sector; encompassing churches, connected organisations, charities and other voluntary groups.

If you are interested in sponsoring Small Charity Week 2019, please contact lindsay@thefsi.org

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