Policy Day

Wednesday 19th June

Small charities are the centre of Civil Society. In the UK 97% of charities have an annual turnover of less than £1.5 million, but in terms of impact on local communities here and across the globe their contribution is phenomenal.

It is therefore important that the voices of small charities are heard above the noise created by larger and better resourced charities. To mark Policy Day 2018, events were held both in London and around the country to raise the profile of these organisations with policy makers and influencers.

1.Small Charity Week Policy Day Reception

A policy reception was held on June 20th in Westminster. Hosted by Claire Dove, the Crown Representative for the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector, in the exclusive Churchill Room in Westminster. This reception focussed on collaboration between small charities, especially in the context of meeting increasing demand. It was be an opportunity for small charities to meet policymakers, MP’s, officials and other small charities to talk about key small charity sector issues.

2. Small Charities International Development Roundtable

This event took place on 20th June, 2pm – 4pm, in the House of Lords, hosted by Baroness Pitkeathley. The roundtable was an opportunity to bring together MPs, academics, small charities and those working in international development to discuss the key issues affecting them.

The roundtable was be facilitated by Dr Nicola Banks, discussing collaboration in the international development community and how small charities can make the most of collaborative relationships.

Dr Banks joined us from the University of Manchester where she co-leads a project which aims to map the UK’s Development NGO Sector. Nicola has extensive experience of researching NGOs, including managing the NGO research portfolio in Uganda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

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